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Commercial Services

At Doctor Locksmith, located in Cape Coral fort Myer’s Area, we carry a huge variety of I/C security locks so that we can offer the best service to our customers, whether they are protecting their homes or their businesses. We set ourselves apart from other locksmiths by the quality of our relationship and the faith we build with the customers.
Doctor Locksmith offers locksmith services for a variety of commercial customers that includes: Property managers, banking institutions, construction companies, retail stores, schools, government facilities, apartment complexes and corporate locations, among others. The variety of expertise and the best locksmithing resources offer us the ability to solve all security concerns. We quickly fix the problems with a personable, warm and welcoming attitude.
As a pro-active problem-solving team, we deliver quality work by our helpful members having the experience of working in all types of projects, irrespective of rekeying a commercial door or any advanced projects.
Our company’s top priorities are to ensure windows, doors, and safes are secured at all times. It is always necessary to double-check your lock before leaving your home. If the lock is outdated, we can upgrade it by installing the new locks/keys. We take every step possible to ensure your home is always safe and secure.
When you leave your home by believing in those outdated lock security, you welcome the burglars. The intruders can easily attack your asset and harm your family. We repair, replace, install all types of keys such as cabinet keys, door keys, garage door keys, locker keys, house lockout and more.

Commercial Services

Lock and Key Repair and Maintenance

The locks are usually requiring proper maintenance and proper upkeep, as frequent use of locks might cause them to malfunction, break down or jam by adhering to the business’s security in the process.
To avoid some scenarios where the locks don’t work, in that situation, it is needed to be constantly maintained and checked for the issues. As a commercial locksmith service provider, we will check them for any issues that might turn into potential problems and then fix them. We encourage business owners to pay attention if the work needs any kind of top-level protection for the security locks.

Commercial Services

Lock Replacement or Rekeying

There are many situations while the business unit needs its locked replaced and rekeying, relying upon the nature of the situation. We, Doctor Locksmiths, offer services for both and can even suggest which one you should prefer. Business Rekey and replacement of the locks require an in-depth understanding of several locking procedures and using the right kind of tools to get the job done. It is good to avoid risks and have it done by a certified commercial locksmith like us.

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Commercial Services

Replacement of locks

When existing keys are lost or misplaced, it is advised that the locks be replaced without putting the system’s integrity. It’s not that easy to know who has access to them. You might believe you’ve misplaced them when, in reality, they’ve been stolen during a break-in.
Other situations, such as when existing ones break or when new employees join the company, necessitate the need for spares, and you may require replacement or additional keys. Instead then relying on low-cost replacement keys that can easily be bent or broken, contact a doctor locksmith for business lock change as soon as possible.

Commercial Services

Digital Lock Installation and Services

Though the world has accepted the digital way, why not accept the digital locks? The digital locks are keyless door entry systems, as they do not require any physical keys for entry.
Why not go digital with your locks now that the rest of the world has gone digital? They are also known as keyless door entry systems since they do not require physical keys to gain admission.
Keys can be misplaced, copied, or stolen, possibly by a thief looking for a way into your boundaries; this will put the overall security and put everyone in danger. Access control systems are a type of digital lock that uses a card swipe, key pin, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), or biometrics technology to give access.